The activity of the company in this field has started since 2004, spreading it in Study-Projection of minerals, explorations, exploitations and mineral exports. Like strategic field for objectives of the company, “ARSI” has decided partnership with some well-known companies in this field and it aims to expand and deepen this collaboration to modernize the technology of mine utilization and to increase the capacity for chrome export and for other minerals searched in global trade.






Another objective of the company for 2013 and continually is the collaboration with foreign and Albanian companies, well-knowing  global trade for export / import of mineral, in a way that local export of mineral takes the deserved place in global trade following the dynamic of trade and to be in accordance with practices of international standards.








Special qualities of the “ARSI” Ltd Company:

The personnel of the “ARSI” Ltd company is made up by engineers, officers, accountants, and lowers, responsible and employees, all with an multiyear experience and the relevant qualification. Thy offer especially an excellent and very qualified service particularly in the mountainous zones, of which they are specialized.



  • The difficult terrain and the snowy weather are not a hardship for the qualified service at any situation.
  • In the services for the roads and the mines our staff is specialized to carry out a qualified service, because it is made up of engineers of geology, mechanics, electronics, experts in explosions, and employees specialized and graduated in the Military Academy, etc..
  • The management of the explosives is one of the priority services.
  • One of our strategy is the collaboration and the work in group.
  • Photo taken from works in our mine.
  • Our company has successfully continued exploration and export!

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Our Mission

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