Main Staff

Name Experience Education Position
Artur FURRIKU 18 Economics University General Director
Leonard BARDHI 30 Geoinformatic Enginer
Aludin KODRA 45 Professor/Phd in Geology Technical Director
Lusn DIBRA 30 Geo-Mines UN Mine Engineer
Sokol GILA 15 PolyTechnical UN. Construction Engineer
Perparim MEHAJ 8 Tirana Un. Manager of Arsi security
Afrim SHALA 21 PolyTechnical UN. Engineer Designer
Besnik HYKAJ 44 Geology UN Engineer Geolog
Xhevahir QOSE 36 Drilling Engineers UN Drilling Engineer
Nikoll NDOI 27 Geo-Mines UN Technician
Kushtrim HASANI 9 Economics UN Vs.Manager Kosovo Branch
Aleksander NUSHI 34 Economics UN Economic ARSI SHPK

Latest News

“Arsi” Ltd Presentation

ULC LLC Company.,Address:” Dupant south highway,Dover.DE, 19901.USA”, with 30 years experience in the field of audit geology-mining  , presents technical report “ARSI” ltd chromium and... Read More

Posted on 19 April, 2013

Our Mission

Read moreThe mission of the company is to offer services with quality in growth in accordance with norms and standarts wich assured a successful competition in global trade. To realize this mission, the company has like strategic target increasing its capacity, implementationof new technology, expanding partnership with foreign companies...