The company has started the activity in construction field since 2004 spreading its activity in projection and application. The experience acquired in successful competition year after year, is based in company investments notably in interior capacity growth, in experience transferred through partnership with foreign companies well-known in this field.

Based in own capacities and in partnership with foreign companies, “ARSI” compete inside and outside the country undertaking projection and /or realization of artistical acts, streets, new construction and reconstructions of public and private objects etc.

Mine road which connects to the main road!

This road is built by our company for ease of transport of our product!

Photos below show the details!

The road “Kepenk -Hani i Elezit”was built by “ARSI”SHPK company. The road is 4 km long!

Construction of line 110/20 with two circles, Bushat – Velipoje “

The Company ”ARSI SHPK” is also specialized in the construction of high voltage lines.

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“Arsi” Ltd Presentation

ULC LLC Company.,Address:” Dupant south highway,Dover.DE, 19901.USA”, with 30 years experience in the field of audit geology-mining  , presents technical report “ARSI” ltd chromium and... Read More

Posted on 19 April, 2013

Our Mission

Read moreThe mission of the company is to offer services with quality in growth in accordance with norms and standarts wich assured a successful competition in global trade. To realize this mission, the company has like strategic target increasing its capacity, implementationof new technology, expanding partnership with foreign companies...