“ARSI” L.t.d company is established since 2002 and is licensed to practice its activity in mines, construction, and security. The company has headquarters in Tirana and has established a network of branches in Albania and Kosovo, and also is licensed to practice its activity in construction and mines.


It’s worth mentioning the experience of the specialized employees in the field of construction, Transport, Acts on the basis of the laws, by-laws, and respects the requirements of preservation of the human rights. and Trade & Management of the Explosives. Training of the employees by specialists of modern experiences, who are capable of digesting and applying these experiences after the nowadays requirements. They have excellent capabilities of transporting and escorting the explosives and are remarkable in evaluating and resolving any situation.


Company:  The Company is founded in 1992, in Tirana, Albania.  The business of the company has grown and its performance has improved a lot in years. The main field of business  of “ARSI”in years, has been exploration and exploitation of minerals. Such an activity is developed in Albania and Kosovo. The business in Kosovo is growing especially for the last three years, 2009-2013.







Exploitation experience

It started in 2004 in region of Puka, North Albania and continued in Bulqiza, North Albania and Rahovec, South-West Kosovo.


The exploitation took place first in surface carriers and existed mines of chrome. The total quantity for these years (2004 – 2012) varies around 200 000 ton chrome (all exported). The expectations for 2013 are for a quantity of 100 000 ton chrome.

View from our works in Durres Albania !








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Our Mission

Read moreThe mission of the company is to offer services with quality in growth in accordance with norms and standarts wich assured a successful competition in global trade. To realize this mission, the company has like strategic target increasing its capacity, implementationof new technology, expanding partnership with foreign companies...